The Basics of Gravure Coatings

The Gravure Coater has become one of the most popular types of coaters in use today due to its ability to apply less coating with more precision than other methods. 

There are three types of Gravure coaters: direct gravure, reverse gravure, and differential offset gravure. All three apply a uniform amount of coating across and down the web. In addition, each has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. 

The coatweights produced by the gravure roll varies with the type of coater used. The coatweight is dependent upon the coating solids, coating surface tension, gravure pattern, gravure cell depth, coater configuration and operating speed. 

Direct Gravure

Coatweight Characteristics:

Reverse Gravure

Coatweight Characteristics:

Differential offset garvure

Coatweight Characteristics:

Additional Factore

No matter which Gravure Coating head you use, there are a number of additional factors that affect the system's performance.

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